Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to Danny's YouTube channel?

Danny's verified YouTube channel can be found here: Once you're on the channel, YouTube provides a handy 'subscribe' button. Simply click the button and from there, you can choose to turn on notifications.

How can I submit a recipe?

We are not currently accepting submissions for recipes at The Wood Works. In the event that this changes, we will post instructions on the YouTube channel and via social media.

What social media does Danny Wood use?

Danny's verified social media is as follows: Instagram: @dannywoodofficial Twitter: @dannywood Facebook: @dannywoodofficial Pinterest: @thewoodworksofficial TikTok: @itsdannywood (*Blue checkmark pending) YouTube: @dannywoodofficial Danny is not on any other social media platforms, nor using any other profiles. He does not use Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. If you are communicating with 'Danny Wood' on any other profiles outside of what's presented here, you're speaking with a scammer or catfish.

I have a question about NKOTB merchandise or the NKOTB fan club...

Great! We'd love to help, but this isn't the right place. You can find information on the fan club here or NKOTB official merchandise here. If you need to reach the fan club directly, please email If you need to reach the merchandise company directly, please email

How do I go live with Danny on #DannyAfterDark?

We usually announce the livestream day and time a few days prior, along with submission instructions, on Danny's YouTube, social media, and right here on the website. Our team picks the most original questions to come on the show- and we try to choose a variety of guests each time. If you're not chosen, simply keep submitting.

How do I find Danny's recipes?

Danny's recipes are available right here on Danny's website. You can use the handy menu at the top of the page, which is organized by category, or you can use the search option at the top of the page to find specific recipes. If you're not sure what you're looking for, simply click here for a list of all postings related to The Wood Works.

How can I become involved with Remember Betty?

To become involved with Remember Betty, simply follow them on social media for information on upcoming events, both virtually and in your area. If you're hoping to join a team or become a fundraiser for the foundation, please email Bethany Wood at

Where can I find information on New Kids on the Block's upcoming shows, the cruise, and other NKOTB-related information?

That's easy- all announcements related to New Kids on the Block will always be posted to their official social media channels, as well as on the official New Kids on the Block website. Please click here to see what's currently happening with the band.

Where can I buy Danny's hot sauce?

Danny's hot sauce is only available online at this time. You can find the hot sauce by clicking here for Torchbearer Sauce's official website. You can purchase individual bottles by clicking here.

Why doesn't Danny have more flavors of sauce available?

Danny's Jalapeno Cilantro Hot Sauce is his first partnership with The Wood Works and Torchbearer Sauces. As we grow the brand, more varieties of products will become available. Be patient as we develop more ideas!

Does Danny's sauce ship internationally?

Danny's sauce is currently available in the United States and Canada. However, international shipping to other countries will begin to roll out later in 2021.

Does Danny have a cook book?

Not yet- however, if you take the time to download the recipes from our website, you can piece them together in a colorful cook book of your own. Text-only, printer-friendly versions are also available.

Can I request an autograph, phone call, Cameo, or personal meet and greet?


Can we send fan mail or packages to Danny?

Contact Andi Albin at to coordinate any fan mail or gifts. However, Danny would love if your gift is a donation to Remember Betty or to simply support his efforts by subscribing to the YouTube channel. Danny also actively answers fans on both Instagram and Twitter.

Will Danny be doing any SOLOWOOD shows?

In the future, yes. But for now, nothing is planned. Please watch Danny's social media platforms as well as this website for any future announcements and/or information.

Where can I purchase Danny's CDs or music?

Danny's solo efforts are available to purchase on iTunes, and are available on most streaming services. You can also listen to his solo music on YouTube. Click here for more information on Danny's music. At this time, CDs and physical copies are not available. Danny's DFuse albums are also unavailable.

I have a business inquiry or partnership request for The Wood Works or for Danny Wood. Who do I contact?

You can email the site directly at or contact Andi Albin at

I don't see my question answered here.

Please contact us directly for additional information.