A Morning at SolBox Fitness

Updated: Oct 26

This isn't your traditional 'step by step' fitness tutorial- but an insider glimpse into Danny's boxing workout at SolBox Fitness in Miami! Take a step inside of Danny's favorite gym as he completes a two-and-a-half-hour workout alongside his trainer, Coach Brown, and gives a few fitness tips along the way.

Enjoy the video here:

To find a fitness routine that works for you, visit local gyms in your area to discuss different options and how they can fit into your lifestyle. As Danny always says, consistency is key- and this video shows the dedication it takes to live a true fit lifestyle.

If you haven't subscribed to Danny's YouTube channel yet, you're missing out! Subscribe now before the start of Season 2 on April 6th- and don't forget to tune in every Tuesday at 12pm EST/9am PST for a brand new episode of The Wood Works! But be sure to hit the notification button- because you never know when Danny is going to drop a surprise episode!

Thank you to Coach Brown and his gym, SolBox Fitness, for allowing us to film and feature his incredible facility.



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