Fresh Bread & Bruschetta

Updated: Oct 26

There's something wonderful about fresh pasta and bread- and Danny's Fresh Bread and Bruschetta is the perfect accompaniment to yesterday's Penne Vodka recipe! Join The Wood Works for this bonus episode now!

But that isn't all- there's even more! Danny will be going LIVE tomorrow (9/23/2021) to discuss The Wood Works and take questions- as well as enjoy our Italian feast with a brand new drink, the Basil Ball Bash!

Today's bonus episode is now available:

If you'd like to be considered for the livestream as a participant, please email your questions to - and be original! We want to have a variety of guests on the show and Danny would love to discuss everything and anything about his show, his brand new hot sauce, New Kids on the Block, and more!

To watch yesterday's episode:

**To download the recipe:

Download PDF • 24.09MB

**For the printer-friendly version:

Download PDF • 105KB

**To join us for drinks:

Download PDF • 56KB


**Please do not redistribute or duplicate except with the intent of at-home entertainment purposes.


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